It’s Like a Mood Ring..For Your Lips. Dior Lipglow Balm Review

Before this past Halloween weekend, the only Dior cosmetics product that I’ve tried is Diorshow mascara.  I got my makeup done by a Dior make up artist to top off my Halloween costume.  For my lip makeup, she started off with the Dior Lip Glow to moisturize my dry lips.  It smelled great and let me tell you it actually did moisturize them, after a couple minutes, I was left with a baby pink color on my lips.  The product changes color based on your body chemistry.  This product help toned down the Dior lipstick that she chose to do my lip in.  Needless to say I left with both products.

I still love the color I was left with and love it when I just want a casual unfussy little bit of color on my lips.  It is a little pricey for a lip balm with a hint of color at $32.  But if you feel like splurging, why not?  I’ve tried other lip balms with tints and found that the color is too much and/or the moisturizing properties wasn’t there.  I think on pretty much everyone’s lips this color will be a light shade of pink.  I made my friend try it when she was over my place, and she’s African American, but considers herself lighter skinned (I would say she’s darker than like Tyra Banks for a comparison), and it was a light pink on her as well, but darker than my shade.  I say definitely try it on at the store before you consider it, but most likely you’ll love it like I do.

Rating: 8/10.


Lining It Up…Liquid Eyeliner Reviews

Okay, not trying to sound offensive, but I’ve been told many times, that “I have sexy/big eyes for a full Asian girl (I get confused for Hapa many times).” I believe that one secret to making my eyes stand out or even more so is lining the top with liquid eyeliner.

I’ve tried both: Chantecaille Le Stylo Liquid Eyeliner in Black ($30) & Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper ($18).  Trooper is a deep black shade. The first few times I used Chantecaille’s pen it went on so smooth.  Thereafter not so much, seemed to dry up a little easily or maybe it’s because it’s a felt tip pen?  I usually use the brush kind when using liquid.  It wasn’t difficult to use though however.  I love Kat Von D’s liner it goes on pretty smooth and bold enough.  It only gets difficult to put on towards the end of it’s life when it’s drying up.  I just started using my second one after about 6-8 months of almost daily use.  With this liner it is easy to make a thin or thicker line.  It also lasts towards the end of the day with no bleeding, which is a feat for my oily lids! The winner in this show off is definitely the Tattoo Liner.

Chantecaille Le Stylo Liner: 6.5/7

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: 10

Promise you won’t tell everyone my secret?  😉

Sugar Lips…exfoliating required, not just for your body or face!

I always have problems with dry lips.  And if they don’t remain dry, I get that little goopy lip skin thing going on in the corner of my lips…know what I mean?  Gross, I know!  Even when I exfoliate them and use different lip balms, it still can be really dry; especially with the cold winters we had, and the weather in SF.

I’ve even turned to my dermatologist who prescribed me some greasy ointment; it helps sometimes.  Anywho, this review is for Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish.  It comes in a little jar and sells for $22.50.  It’s wonderful sweetness and scent comes from the brown sugar used in it.  I typically rub it in for a little bit, then leave it on for about 5 minutes while I finish the rest of my makeup.  I then dampen T.P. or a cloth and wipe it off.  I have to admit, it does leave my lips smooth, but at least half of the time doesn’t take care of the flakes.  I guess my lips are stubborn and can be a little more chapped than others’.

I’ve tried the Clinique Lip Scrub in the past, and must say that this does work better though.  The search continues.  For me, I would not repurchase especially due to the price tag.  But to be fair sometimes it does work, so I’d give it around a 6.5-7.

Classy Red Lips w/Lip Tar

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got my first Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  I wanted a sexy red color so I went with the NSFW lip tar.  It’s described as a true, balanced red.

A little bit definitely goes a long way.  I just dab a small dot on the lip brush (comes with instructions) and move from the center of the lip out.  I do the blot with the tissue and/or the stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out to get the excess off.  I must say, I’ve done this with outer lipsticks as well but they still found a way to get on my teeth, but not with OCC.  This stuff is great.  However, I myself, like other women who I’ve seen reviewed this product, have had issues with it coming off after drinking, eating and wiping my mouth at meals with a napkin.  So, eventually it leaves a ring on your mouth…think like lipliner.  Has anyone else find a way to prevent this from happening?  The red is truly sexy and makes me feel classy.

Despite this, I’d still give it around a 9 for staying power (except for the inevitable ring) and color, oh and for being 100% vegan.  It’s a little pricey at $18, but a little does go along way, so you’ll be with the lip tar for a long time.  

Perfect Smudge-Free Eyeliner..Still Not Found

I decided to finally try Urban Decay 2/47 Glide Eyeliner pencil in leiu of my usually Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes liner.  I always stick with black eyeliner, so I got it in Perversion.  I loved how the eyeliner went on so smooth and the bold look it gave.  However, it still smears and what’s worse, is that it gave me kind of blurry vision.  I’ve had to return several similar kinds of eyeliner due to this happening, i.e. Trish McEvoy’s, Milani, & YSL. I guess this is just due to wearing contacts?  7ish stars.


Make It Last..Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

I’ve always had the problem of my eye shadow creasing & coming off in only a few mere hours.  I’ve tried the Urban Decay Primer Potion when it came in the wand style.  I felt like it didn’t go on a smooth and my eye makeup still creased and came off within a few hours.  But, the newer formula in the squeeze tube in original is a blessing!  The only other eye primer I’ve tried was a sample of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I didn’t like this as it was very oily.

Urban Decay Primer Potion ($20) blends totally clear and helps to keep my eye shadow on for hours and hours…and depending on the eye shadow brand…I can even get lucky and have it last all day…that’s right creaseless from 7am til when I get home after 6.  HOLLER!!  LOVE IT!  Rating: 10/10

YSL Golden Gloss

I never would have thought to spend more than $10 on lip gloss, something that barely stays on and something that I usually forget to put on.  I usually only put lip gloss on when I go out somewhere nice at night since I always do my makeup everyday but just like to keep the lips moist with lip balm.  However, let me tell you, YSL’s Golden Gloss lip gloss is worth every penny of the $30 it costs!  Even my makeup artist friend says she NEVER uses up any lip gloss, but always uses up her YSL ones.

YSL’s Golden Gloss comes in a variety of shades that give the perfect amount of color with real 24k gold flecks in it.  It feels as luxuriously smooth (and not sticky at all) as the packaging looks and has an intoxicating light mango scent.  Even though I have the tendency to temporarily misplace lip glosses, I still would purchase these time and time again.  I’m not a lipstick girl after all, gloss all the way!  I currently own two of these little guys and am looking forward to purchasing more.


10 stars out of 10.